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  • 08-10-2019

We are a company that possesses a rich history in the thermoforming industry, having completed an extensive variety of projects for our customers over the years. From the likes of thin sheet packaging to more complex and thicker components, the list of products that we can manufacture is impressive to say the least. As one of the principal establishments that specialises in vacuum and pressure forming South West businesses have available to them, you should rely on our team for all of your requirements.

With vacuum and pressure forming, one thing that often worries people is how to go about mounting differing utensils. Depending on what implements are at your disposal, and how much time you’ve got on your hands, there are all sorts of approaches that can be taken. If mounted correctly, your tools make it far easier for you to obtain excellent results consistently.

Ultimately, what your goal should be is to make certain that the instruments have a reasonable level of airflow under their bases. By doing this, you are enabling the vacuum to flow through the tool’s holes across its base and straight down to the central hole in the baseboard/table afterwards. This also permits the released air to journey up through this opening in your table across the utensil’s underside, up through your cavities and against its bottom section.

Certain vacuum forming mechanisms come with the auto level and pre-stretch escape route through the table’s depression. Raising your gear, as opposed to drilling hollows all over the perimeter, means that the airflow will be amplified significantly. This shall assist with both the vacuum and the release.

At Plastics by Design, over our almost three decade’s long experience have made us the best for vacuum and pressure forming South West clients can call on. We have come to understand thermoforming like no one else. We know precisely what materials would be ideal for a given situation, as well as how to modify current designs so that they better suit the process.

If you are looking for someone who can get the job done, we are the ones to call.

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